8 Ways to Increase Student Motivation Through Goal Setting


As educators, we realize the value of goal setting and are constantly encouraging our students to dream big and set goals. What we often forget is that unless we help them find their motivation, set up a plan, and identify supports they are likely to forget about their goals, get distracted, and lose drive.

As a school counselor, I often meet with students who are struggling with goal setting and we develop a plan for them to identify their motivators and meet their goals. While this can be successful, it is a reactive approach. By proactively implementing this goal-setting method with all students at the class level, we can make sure each student feels equipped with the skills they need to meet even the loftiest of goals!

Below are 8 ways to increase student motivation through goal setting.

  • Identify a Goal

  • Visualize the Results

  • Plan Backward with a SMART Goal Setting Plan

  • Identify Motivation

  • Overcome Obstacles

  • Find a Support System

  • Avoid Procrastination by Increasing Accountability

  • Plan for the Future

Continue reading the details of each step on my guest post at What I Have Learned Teaching.

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