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Rachel Davis MA, PPS

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Hi there! I’m Rachel a school counselor and curriculum designer. I’m a born and raised Georgia girl but when I moved to San Diego for grad school, I fell in love with California and lived there for 5 years. 

While in grad school I worked as a resource counselor for adults with developmental disabilities, which I loved! After graduating I was so ready to start my career as a school counselor, but I didn’t get a job right away. So my first year out of school I worked as an academic specialist at an educational consulting company and kept applying to jobs like crazy.

The following school year I landed my dream job as an elementary school counselor and it was so worth the wait! I absolutely loved working with these elementary kiddos. I worked at that district for two years before my husband and I decided to take some time off and travel.

So in Fall 2017 we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and backpacked around the world for a year and a half! We visited 28 countries, had some wild adventures, met incredible people, and formed meaningful connections.

I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Bright Futures Counseling, in 2016 as a side job but it continued to grow and became our full-time income stream during our travels! If you’re interested in starting a TpT store too, check out my Elite Edupreneurs Podcast.

This year we decided to “settle down” but being the travel enthusiasts we are, we weren’t quite ready to jump back into our traditional USA lifestyle. Fortunately, I was offered an amazing opportunity to be a school counselor at a private school in Costa Rica! I just started this past Fall and am loving it! It’s part time so I will still be creating counseling resources and hosting the podcast. I love being able to serve the counseling community by creating my resources!

You can usually find me on a boat, a beach, or a plane! I love yoga, cooking, sailing, and scuba diving. I also have a travel blog, Gypsy Sols, where you can read about our adventures!

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