An engaging, research based, counseling program starts here.


An engaging, research based, counseling program starts here.


Unlock the potential of data-driven counseling to ensure the effectiveness of your program. From tracking student progress to analyzing areas of need, these data tools empower you to make informed decisions, demonstrate the value of your program, and create lasting change in students' lives.


Purchasing Using School Purchase Orders

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Tailor your counseling toolkit with our Build-Your-Own Bundle option. Mix and match resources that best suit your students' needs and save along the way. Enjoy a 10% discount when you select 5 or more resources, 15% by choosing 10 or more, and maximize your value with a 20% discount on 20 or more resources!


Are you looking for a school counseling curriculum that follows research-based best practices? This low-prep, easy-to-implement, elementary school counseling program is designed to take the guesswork out of planning and provide you with everything you need to deliver engaging and effective classroom...


This executive functioning and study skills counseling group helps students learn the essential executive functioning skills they need in order to succeed academically. The group is designed to last 8 weeks and be very low-prep! Each week includes an outline that is...


Friendship Pizza is a fun and hands-on activity for younger elementary students to identify the qualities of a good friend. This activity is perfect to use in an elementary small group, class lesson, or individual session. The finished friendship pizzas...


Looking for a ready-to-use relational aggression small group? You'll love this complete 6-week relational aggression group that includes weekly outlines with objectives aligned to CASEL Standards and ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors. This resource includes everything you need to run a...


This fun self-esteem girls counseling group helps develop confidence and self-esteem. Love Your Selfie is a low-prep 8-week girls' self-esteem group set to ASCA Standards and Objectives. Group members will practice self-reflection, communication, goal setting, and more with each week's...


Looking for a one-stop shop for all of your school counseling needs? Need to make sure all of your curriculum follows research-based best practices? This comprehensive year-long three-tiered school counseling curriculum is designed to give you everything you need to...


Do you have elementary students who need help understanding personal space and boundaries? Practice the Cactus is a super fun and engaging school counseling game that can be used to teach students these important skills. By “practicing the cactus" students...


Looking for low-prep counseling activities to use with the students in an individual counseling setting?  Need to make sure all of your curriculum follows research-based best practices? This individual counseling curriculum bundle is designed to be used with students in a tier...



Designed to foster engagement and growth, our games provide a creative platform for students to explore, learn, and communicate. Whether you're addressing emotional intelligence, teamwork, or self-expression, our games are valuable tools in your counseling arsenal.

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