Research Based Year Long Elementary Counseling Curriculum with Editable Curriculum Map!


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Are you looking for a school counseling curriculum that follows research-based best practices? This low-prep, easy-to-implement, elementary school counseling program is designed to take the guesswork out of planning and provide you with everything you need to deliver engaging and effective classroom counseling lessons, small groups, and individual sessions. It also includes data tools to measure your program's effectiveness!

You will feel confident and prepared that you are delivering high-quality, research-based, data-driven, and ASCA-aligned counseling lessons.

The included curriculum map tells you exactly what to do across every tier each month so you can spend less time planning and more time counseling! These are the best resources I offer and this is the exact plan I 100% recommend to counselors.

This bundle includes 63 different school counseling resources and bundling saves you over $100!

This Counseling Curriculum Includes:

  • Detailed Curriculum Map with Lesson Plans
  • 11 Classroom Counseling Lessons
  • 11 Small Groups
  • 11 Individual Counseling Curriculum Sets
  • 9 Data Tracking Tools and Forms

Classroom Lessons Included:

  • Mission: Meet The Counselor Escape Room
  • Feelings and Emotions Lesson
  • Bullying Prevention Lesson
  • Perseverance SEL Class Lesson
  • Empathy SEL Class Lesson
  • Goal Setting Lesson
  • Kindness Lesson
  • Self-Regulation Lesson
  • Anxiety Coping Skills Lesson
  • Career Exploration Lesson
  • Cyber Safety Lesson

Small Groups Included:

  • Separation Anxiety Small Group
  • Emotion Recognition Small Group
  • Social Skills Small Group
  • Self-Esteem Girls Counseling Group
  • Self-Control Counseling Group
  • Executive Functioning Counseling Group
  • Relational Aggression Small Group
  • Academic Skills Small Group
  • Anxiety Small Group
  • Conflict Resolution Small Group
  • Counseling Termination Activities

Individual Curricula Included:

  • Anger Management Individual Curriculum
  • Anxiety Individual Curriculum
  • Divorce Individual Curriculum
  • Empathy Individual Curriculum
  • Grief Individual Curriculum
  • Growth Mindset Individual Curriculum
  • Self-Control Individual Curriculum
  • Self-Esteem Individual Curriculum
  • Self-Regulation Individual Curriculum
  • Solution Focused Individual Curriculum
  • Trauma Individual Curriculum

Data Tools Included:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Referral Forms
  • Organization Hacks
  • Counseling Log and Caseload Spreadsheets
  • Data Wall Toolkit
  • Behavior Surveys
  • Self-Assessments (Includes 22 topics)
  • Motivation Assessment
  • End of the Year Report

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