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As you know kiddos love videos and incorporating some short, fun clips into your guidance lessons can be a great visual aid when teaching a key character word or lesson. When I am planning for a lesson I have an idea in my head of a video I want to show but I end up wasting precious time on Youtube and Pinterest looking for one to fit my needs. I've compiled a list with links to some videos I've used in guidance lessons and with groups. These are short and funny and are intended to be supplemental material for your lesson or to serve as a conversation starter.

Conflict Resolution

These three videos are from The Olive Branch. Each one shows how two characters compromise when they have a conflict. These clips do not have any dialogue and are perfect for starting a discussion.

The Olive Branch: Cold

The Olive Branch: Sleep

The Olive Branch: Food

This video is a funny rap about Kelso's Choices. It is to the beat of "Ice Ice Baby." It's a great way for kiddos to memorize the choices.

Kelso's Choices Rap


Kid President is so fun! This one is a pep talk for teachers and students. Perfect for back to school or after winter break.

Kid President Pep Talk

This video is great for an upper elementary girls self-esteem group. It focuses on body image. Dove has a lot of great resources for this topic.

Dove: Body Image

Growth Mindset

These 5 videos are designed to be played in order. They tell the story of Mojo, a monster who wants to give up because he doesn't think he is smart. It is created by Class Dojo and is super cute. Class Dojo also has other video series inlcuding mindfulness and empathy.

Class Dojo Growth Mindset 1

Class Dojo Growth Mindset 2

Class Dojo Growth Mindset 3

Class Dojo Growth Mindset 4

Class Dojo Growth Mindset 5

Sesame Street also has a ton of great videos for explaining character traits. This one is a fun Bruno Mars' song about not giving up.

Sesame Street: Don't Give Up

This video is a good way to introduce fixed mindset for older elementary students. It shows a student doubting herself when she knows the answer. 

Fixed Mindset

Bullying Prevention

This video clip teaches students to be upstanders instead of bystanders. It is from The NED Show which has lots of character education resources as well.

Be an Upstander

These two videos are for upper elementary or middle school. They are more extreme but have a powerful message. 

Talent Show

Have a Voice


This video is about a bird who tries to climb up a mountain. Even though he has setbacks he stays determined.

One Thousand Steps Starts with One


Here is another awesome one from Sesame Street! This one is great for Kindergarten and other little ones. Warning: It will get stuck in your head for days!

Sesame Street: That's Cooperation

I think this one is actually part of an insurance commercial, but it is so cute! There are three funny scenarios where animals have to work together. The videos do not have dialogue so they are good as a discussion starter.

It's Smarter to Travel in Groups


This video is also from The NED Show and shows real kids talking about their ingredients for friendship soup. It is perfect for a friendship group discussing qualities of a good friend. You could then make friendship soup with your group! Or my students made friendship pizza instead.

Friendship Soup


This Pixar short film doesn't have any dialogue and is perfect for starting a discussion about kindness. It can also be used to discuss friendship, bullying, and social skills.

For the Birds

Here is another great one from Kid President! These 20 things are funny yet meaningful that both adults and kids can relate to.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often


This video features real kids sharing their thoughts on empathy. It is perfect for upper elementary students.

What is Empathy?

Anxiety / Stress

This one is from Sesame Street too. It is a music video teaching kids to belly breathe featuring Common and Colbie Cailliat.

Sesame Street: Belly Breathe


This video has a cute song for younger elementary students (Pre K and Kindergarten.) It is great for feelings recognition.

The Feelings Song

Movie clips from Disney's Inside Out are great for discussing feelings. I especially like this one for observing how Riley's emotions change throughout the day. I have also used it to discuss The Zones of Regulation with students.

You've Ruined Pizza

This clip is great to discuss grief. Riley feels sad when she thinks of an old memory. Students can then discuss memories of a lost loved one or pet.

Riley's First Day of School


This one is from Sesame Street too! Cookie Monster has to practice self-control for a game show. 

The Waiting Game

Following Directions

This one is so fun! My students love dancing around to it. They have to think fast and listen carefully to directions.

Dance Around! 

My students love the Minions! This funny video shows different clips of Minions breaking class rules. I play it during the first session of a counseling group when we are establishing group rules. There are also seasonal variations of the song!

Minions' Class Rules

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is free to sign up for and is a fabulous resource to get kids up and moving. Teachers use this resource a lot for indoor PE and stretch breaks but for school counseling I especially love the mindfulness videos.

Youtube Video Downloader

Check out this video downloader so you don't have pesky ads (which are often inappropriate for an elementary audience) at the front of your video clip. Be sure not to click the green install button or the blue arrow. These could potentially download a program to your computer. If you click the green download video you are only downloading the mp4 for the video. You can check out the tutorial I created below.

There you have it! 30 videos to get you started down the Youtube rabbit hole. Enjoy!

Please comment and share some of your favorite videos for school counseling. I'd love to see them. 

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School Counseling YouTube Video Resource Guide #BrightFuturesCounseling #YouTube #SchoolCounseling #CounselingResources #CounselingLessons