The most anticipated time of the year is here for us school counselors. With sessions terminated, data collected, and End of the Year Reports submitted, it is time to focus on you - the person who has spent all year, year after year, caring for others. Given the profile of our jobs, many of us find it difficult to prioritize ourselves and our needs, but this is your gentle reminder that self-care is absolutely important, not just during summer but all year long. You can't pour from an empty cup, right? Looking for ideas to get started? Check these out.

Summer Self-Care Tip 1: Get Organized

Okay, this is perhaps the last thing you want to do, especially after a long school year but hear me out. How many extra copies of lesson plans and other documentation are taking up unnecessary space on your Google Drive? Does your desktop not have space for any more icons? Do you have pictures on your hard drive that you don't need next year? Are there books you might want to return to the local library? Decluttering, especially work related material, at the end of the school year takes a lot less time than it would if you did it at the start of the next school year. Then you're not too sure of what to delete and you've got to go through each of your files and folders, one by one.

get organized

Summer Self-Care Tip 2: Eat, Move, Rest, Repeat

You deserve to have your meals on time and to not have to be in a rush for a change. I know so many educators who say they don't have enough time before school to workout and who don't have enough energy after school for it either. This is the best time to put on those running shoes, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy a morning/evening jog. If you're the kind that prefers going to the gym, it's great that you don't have to wind up quicker than you'd otherwise have to, if school was still on. Get in a good 8-10 hours of sleep every night. You will be surprised at how your overall wellbeing will improve by just maintaining a better routine.

self care

Summer Self-Care Tip 3: Read for Pleasure

How long has it been since you had the chance to get lost in a good book? Has your list of 'must-read' books increased significantly over the past year? Most of us, unfortunately, don't get enough time to read for pleasure. And what better time than now to catch up on a couple of good books.

read for pleasure

Summer Self-Care Tip 4: Practice Mindfulness

We are always teaching our students mindfulness techniques and strategies, but are you practicing them? I will admit, a daily mindfulness practice is not the easiest to commit to, considering the mad rush we're in on school days. But I'm sure you'd agree that mindfulness, though possibly challenging to make time for, does in fact reap benefits for your mental health. Like me, you could do a mix of meditation or prayer. Guided meditations are easier to find and follow. There are so many resources online on how to practice mindfulness, so try and build it into your routine. That way, it becomes easier to continue with it even when school reopens.

Summer Self-Care Tip 5: Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

A lot of my school counselor friends admit that they don't get enough time with their families, so if you can manage it, plan for a getaway. It needn't be fancy or too faraway. Considering a majority of people didn't get to travel over the last two summers, this is your perfect chance. That said, just know, staycations are still pretty cool too!

quality time with family

Summer Self-Care Tip 6: Pick Up a New Hobby

Do you only get into a hobby when you're on break? Do you also think this is the perfect time to try your hand at something new? From painting and gardening to hand embroidering and surfing, make sure you do something fun to de-stress during the break. Group classes are a great way to socialize and be consistent when picking up a new hobby.

Summer Self-Care Tip 7: Have your Coffee while it's Still Hot!

You read this right! This is such an underrated form of self-care and nobody but educators understand its value. Make sure to brew your coffee and have it while it's still hot. Also, no more having to wait to take a bathroom break. Woohoo!


Kudos to you for completing another challenging year. Enjoy your summer break! You deserve it!


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