Congratulations! You've landed your dream job of an elementary school counselor. I mean it is the best job in the world right? You get to help kids and change lives all day everyday. Plus you get more bathroom breaks than teachers and all of the same holidays. Am I dreaming?!

first year school counselor

Of course there's the downside too. Getting defaulted undesirable tasks that aren't in your job description, having to report abuse, and hearing 'What does she do again?' after you've presented your Role of the School Counselor presentation. #facepalm

I remember when I got the call for my first counseling job offer. I was walking back from Taco Surf (if you're ever in San Diego, eat here!) with a delicious California breakfast burrito. It was an unknown number from Canada (so random, still not sure whose phone it was from) and I never answer unknown numbers, but I just had a feeling. Thank goodness, because I rarely check my voicemail either! I almost dropped my burrito (that would have been a shame!) and ran to my car leaping with joy! Seriously, this was the second year after I had graduated from grad school and I was working at a job I hated.

All this to say, I am so happy for you if you are a first year school counselor because it is a tough job to get and you did it!

Now aren't you ready for the first day of school so you can implement all of the small groups, guidance lessons, and individual sessions you've thoroughly planned out and prepared for? Oh wait, you've only been on Pinterest looking how to decorate your office? Panic ensue. (Hey, there's nothing wrong with cute office decor. I've got some tips here!)

Small groups, guidance lessons, and individual sessions are the core of your counseling program. Check out these blog posts on how to get started planning for a successful year. You've got this!

First School counseling Job


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