Are you looking for ways to increase your impact and get the recognition you deserve? Duh! I know you have a heart help as many kiddos as possible (that's why you got into this profession), but so often I hear that counselors are frustrated because they are spending too much time on non-counselor tasks and not getting recognition for their hard work. Sound familiar?

My Personal Mission: Help Counselors Increase their Impact and Get the Recognition they Deserve!

I am passionate about helping school counselors maximize their productivity so they can stress less while reaching more students and advocating for their role. Check out these two counselors' personal transformations after using the scheduling, organization, and data collection systems I teach inside Stress Free School Counseling.

How New School Counselors can Establish their Counseling Program

Kaylena, a first year counselor, is already establishing systems she can use for years rather than waiting until she's burnt out to make a change. She found the included resources immensely helpful.

  • "The scheduling and the organizational tools, I cannot even express how much that has saved me even just in the last few weeks of school." - Kaylena, first year counselor

How Veteran School Counselors can Enhance their Counseling Program

On the flip side, Terry has been leading an amazing school counseling program for 25 years, but because she was managing her big caseload solo she didn't have time to track data and get organized. SFSC was a big relief for her!

  • "I was starting to feel burnout before I took the course. It helped rejuvenate me and help me see a different way of doing things that makes it less stressful." - Terry, 25 year counselor

Can you relate to these stories? Check out Kaylena and Terry’s podcast interviews to feel inspired by the amazing things these counselors are doing.


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