Hygge (/?hju???/ HEW-g? or /?hu???/ HOO-g?) is a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. (Wikipedia)

I first heard of the word "hygge" a year or so ago on a podcast and after reading The Year of Living Danishly I really started to understand this foreign concept and its real life applications.

Your school counseling office is a safe space and a refuge for students to come to when they are experiencing strong emotions, family conflicts, or uncertainties. It also serves as the place for your counseling small groups to meet. Children crave familiarity and consistency, especially if they are lacking it in other aspects of their lives.

I think by applying a few ideas from our Scandinavian friends you can create a cozy wellness space even in the blandest of assigned offices!

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While scented candles would truly be hygge, battery operated ones are a much safer option for school! I also love these white string lights. You can even turn it into a group craft by having students place them in colored bottles.


Several of my students crave sensory input so having some fluffy pillows or beanbags is a nice alternative to a desk or stiff chair. To really channel a Scandinavian vibe, go with fur!

school council office


I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to turn on some calming background music in my office to help facilitate the mood of a group activity or ease an anxious student. But I am always scrambling to find an appropriate song. I've composed some Spotify playlists for you to use in your office and relaxing background music is definitely hygge. Check out the mindfulness playlist here and small group playlist here.

The work you do as a school counselor is so valuable and while creating a hygge vibe in your school counseling office is definitely not a top priority, it is a fun simple concept to consider when decorating your office this year.

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Here are some great Hygge office supplies!

Make Your School Counseling Office Hygge


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