Do you find yourself wishing you had at least one planning period a day? Ever caught yourself scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram on the weekend, looking for new and engaging activities for your Tier 2 and 3 sessions? Have you wondered how awesome it would be to bounce ideas off other counselors? If you responded 'yes!' to any or all of those questions, this blog post is the good news you need right now!

Running a successful counseling program is a Herculean task, especially when it is entirely on you to plan, prep, and deliver all MTSS lessons…while gathering and analyzing data, building relationships with students, parents, and teachers, and advocating for your role among other equally demanding responsibilities. Piece of cake right?!

This is precisely why I created IMPACT, a school counselor membership program, which allows you to spend more time with your students and less time planning.

Here are 6 reasons you need this School Counselor Membership Program

Comprehensive Curriculum Maps At Your Disposal

I know and understand the pain of having to create a curriculum map from scratch, taking into account seasons and holidays, preventative and restorative practices, school-wide lessons and grade-wise requirements, among a host of other factors. With an IMPACT membership, every month, you have access to intentionally selected resources specifically designed to support you. I'm here to take the guesswork out of planning, to look at annual trends, holidays, and predicted areas of need, to curate the ideal resource collection to serve your students. I then compile all of this into an easy-to-follow set of lesson plans. Don't worry about trying to figure out where and how to use them because I've got that covered too!

Resources For ALL 3 Tiers Of Your Counseling Program

Of course the internet is teeming with resources you could use for SEL class lessons. Over the past few years, fellow counselors and curriculum designers have also ensured group counseling resources are more accessible, and yet, in my experience, finding suitable resources for individual counseling sessions has been a struggle for most school counselors I have interacted with. However, given that I have invested and continue to invest my time in researching and designing counseling resources for all three tiers, with an IMPACT membership, these resources are only one click away!

Based on the curriculum map created for the month, you will be able to download all of the resources at no additional cost, and they are yours to keep forever! Each month, you will receive a classroom SEL lesson, small group curriculum, and an individual activity to use with your students. You will also receive a school counseling organization tool and occasional bonus resources. Still teaching virtually? These resources include a mix of print and digital activities to fit your needs.

Year-Long Essentials For Whenever You Need Them

It's been a heavy year, one that has been filled with loss and grief. Also, now more than ever, I've found that our kiddos need help with social skills and self regulation, in particular. Therefore, apart from the monthly resources you receive, your IMPACT membership also gives you permanent access to an Essential Resource Library full of my bestselling and most frequently used activities that cover a plethora of topics, themes, and skills that remain relevant through the year.

Detailed Video Guides To Walk You Through Implementation

I know how overwhelming it can be when you stumble upon a great resource but are unsure of how exactly to use it to drive home your SEL lesson. This is why I walk you step-by-step through each page of each resource for the month, so you know exactly how to implement it. I also show you how to use the activities with your students and provide exclusive implementation strategies.

Ongoing Live Support To Personalize Your Membership Experience

While video implementation guides are great, there's nothing quite like a live training session, right? Twice a month, IMPACT members get a chance to attend live coaching calls with me. Here's where you will feel truly connected and supported because you get to ask questions specific to your caseload, you can go ahead and pick my brain about all things counseling. You will also receive tips and tools for digital modifications and ideas to repurpose resources across tiers, and of course, on these calls, you can troubleshoot how to implement the included resources for the month. This is where we will get to know each other better and I'm here to ensure that you feel confident to facilitate your counseling lessons across all three tiers.

Plus you’ll get access to quarterly trainings exclusive for IMPACT members where you can earn PD credit!

A Facebook Community To Build Professional Relationships

We all know and understand the value of having friends from within the field. When you enroll for IMPACT, you will gain instant access to the exclusive and thriving IMPACT Facebook Group where you can ask questions, seek recommendations, and build community with like-minded school counselors. This is easily the best place to brainstorm new/different ways of putting monthly resources to best use, share your wins and celebrate together, discuss ideas with peers from different parts of the world, and take inspiration and learn best practices from other counselors, all of which will contribute to your own personal and professional growth.

Still have questions about IMPACT? I answer them all here (scroll down to the FAQ section).  

Think you’re all set to hop on the IMPACT bandwagon? I can’t wait to welcome you! Click here to enroll NOW!


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