Groups are my favorite way to see students because I can reach more kids at once and they tend to open up more in a group setting rather than in a one-on-one session.

While at the beginning of the year I like to do groups on topics such as friendship, self-control, and social skills, during second semester I switch things up to reflect current needs and trends.

These are the topics I like to focus on with my small groups that start in January:

Goal Setting: This one may seem a little obvious, but as we're goal setting for ourselves at the start of a new year, our students need to also! This 8 week goal setting group helps students set goals, identify what motivates them, and implement supports to achieve their goals.

Stress Management: As academic rigor increases, so do student stress levels. This 8 week stress management group helps students manage and relieve stress by learning skills for prioritizing, stress buster coping strategies, and how to utilize a support system when making a stress management plan.

Growth Mindset: : Younger students may also feel overwhelmed with academics this semester. Learning strategies to switch their thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can help ease the growing pains. This 5 week growth mindset group helps elementary students develop a growth mindset by learning how their brain is like a muscle, how they can learn from mistakes, and why challenges are beneficial.

Conflict Resolution: Hopefully students have established solid friendships during first semester. Unfortunately new friendships come with new conflicts, and oftentimes kids feel unprepared to solve them. This 8 week conflict resolution group helps students practice being peacekeepers rather than "pirates". Students will learn how to resolve conflicts and how to implement conflict resolution strategies within their friendships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Self-Esteem: New year, fresh start! Everyone can use a little self-esteem boost this time of year. These 2 self-esteem groups help students develop confidence and self-esteem through self-reflection, communication, and goal setting.

I look forward to hearing which groups you decide to use in the new year!

5 Small groups to start in January


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