Julia Cook is one of my favorite authors for social-emotional children's books and she has a new one coming out on November 5, 2020!

What is it about?

My Fantabulous Brain shares the story of a boy who is so frustrated that he is having a hard time focusing, following directions, and completing his homework in time. By meeting a brain with a powerful 'toolbox' he learns strategies for executive functioning.

This book is a good way to get conversations started around executive functioning and growth mindset.

It introduces skills of:

  • auditory processing

  • processing speed

  • visual processing

  • working memory

  • attention

  • long-term memory

  • logic and reasoning

What I liked

The main character is relatable and the story is entertaining and easy to follow. It makes training the brain seem accessible. There are also some fun brain training activities to try in the back of the book!

What I didn't like

The illustrations seem intended for lower-elementary students, but the concepts are for upper elementary. Also, I feel like some of the concepts are presented in an abstract way that some of my previous students would have struggled with.

Who would I recommend it for

I would recommend it for upper-elementary kiddos.

How would I use it?

This book would pair nicely with my executive functioning digital doodle journal! I would use this with an individual student who is having a hard time staying motivated academically or with a growth mindset or executive functioning small group!

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How do I buy it?

Purchase My Fantabulous Brain on Amazon here.

Preorder Perks

If you preorder the book AND fills out the form on myfantabulousbrain.com by NOVEMBER 4th you will receive a bonus bundle!

This bundle is a great study guide to use as a supplement to reading My Fantabulous Brain.

Bundle Includes:

  • An Introduction to Cognitive Skills Testing & Training

  • The Brain Skills Coloring Page

  • Lesson Plan #1 ' Attention Arrows

  • Lesson Plan #2 ' Skittle Sudoku

  • Lesson Plan #3 ' Memory Training: Japanese Numbers

  • Lesson Plan #4 ' Number Columns

  • Lesson Plan Wrap Up

  • Multiple coloring pages

Have you read My Fantabulous Brain yet? What did you think?

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