After taking a couple of years off, I was thrilled to jump back into my counseling office and start decorating! The problem.. my new school is in Costa Rica! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am thrilled to live and work in paradise but we don't have a Target, Dollar Tree, or easy accessibility to office decor. I can barely find picture frames for my house, much less bean bags for my calm down corner! So while my office is off to a great start, I have lots of plans for what I can add throughout the school year.

counseling office

Y'all this is my favorite office I've ever had. Can we just talk about dreaming big for a second? When I got this job I had no idea what my office looked like or a clue on how I was going to commute to work. (Buying a car here is a little tricky too!) All summer leading up to our move I was manifesting with the mantra "I have an office with a window that I drive to in my SUV." After lots of prayers and planning, here we are! I have an office with two huge windows and we found an SUV! Whether you have a closet or a classroom, hang in there and dream big!

So here's the breakdown of my space:

The Calm Down Corner

A must-have in any counseling office, a calm-down corner is a safe space where kids can come to when they need help managing strong emotions. This part of your office is supposed to feel cozy and welcoming (aka Hygge). My calm down corner has a bulletin board with calming mandalas indicating what it is. Download the calm down corner mandala banner for free here!

On the same bulletin board I have an image of a "dot dude" meditating (you can download it from Sarah Pecorino Illustration here) and folders where I keep my feelings check posters and guided meditations. Download my feeling check posters for free here and check out this resource for guided meditations. I laminate my feelings check posters since I use them daily with groups and individuals.

I then have a coping strategies toolbox where I keep calm down cards. They are included for free as part of my free resource library, sign up here!

For seating, I have two rugs I found at our local supermarket and a beach tapestry. I couldn't find beanbags so instead I used my blow-up beach chair! Check it out here.

P.S. My husband gives me a hard time that my calm-down "corner" isn't actually in a corner!

What's on my Amazon wishlist for my next trip home:

Bulletin Boards

In addition to the bulletin board in my calm down corner, I have a Self-Regulation Station where students can move a clothespin to indicate which "zone" they are in. This is my first year having a functional bulletin board and I love it! I can't wait to see how it works as my group members come in each week. Check it out in my store here.

Read about all of my bulletin board ideas here and remember if you don't have a bulletin board, hang up a piece of butcher paper and decorate it. That's what I did!

What's on my Amazon wishlist for my next trip home:

I would love to have some bulletin borders like these confetti ones. So cute!


Inspirational posters are a great addition to any counseling office. I bought these tropical growth mindset ones from My Teaching Pal on TpT.

My Desk

My desk is basic but functional. I like keeping a file cabinet by my desk to have a file folder with each student's info easily accessible. I also keep my essential oils diffuser and basic office supplies nearby.

counseling office desk

What’s on my Amazon wishlist for my next trip home:

I would love to have some fake succulents to spruce up my desk. I really like these.


This is my first year having a dry-erase whiteboard and I love it! It’s a great place to display a feelings check prompt and confidentiality sign. My confidentiality sign is included in my free resource library too. Sign up here. I also like having a dry-erase board to write on for “on the fly” examples, plus it’s a paper saver! 

Small Group Space

I love to lead small groups at a round table or kidney table. All students feel equal and it is a great way to facilitate conversations. I also love that I have these built-in benches for when I have more students than chairs in a group!

What’s on my Amazon wishlist for my next trip home:

I would love a bookshelf to store my group curriculum and school counseling library. This one would be perfect. See my library recommendations here.

The Talk Space

This is my favorite spot in my new office. I am so excited to have a couch and chair! Couches create more of a comfortable therapist's office vibe rather than a sterile classroom. I also love having adult-size seating options for parent meetings.

counseling office tour

Outside Door

Outside on my door I have my Meet the Counselor Bitmoji sign (snag the free template in my resource library here!) and my self-referral forms. Students can grab a paper form or self-refer using a QR code. Use this QR code generator to create your own for free. It’s easy and it makes you look tech-savvy and cool!

Whether you are a counselor in the middle of nowhere like me or you’re on a budget, I hope you find my office tour inspiring and helpful! Good luck this year!


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