Have you ever been asked what it is that you even do at school? Are you looking for a fun way to introduce yourself and the role of the school counselor? BTS season is here and that means it's time to bring out those Meet the Counselor lessons. But which one helps your students understand your role better? Is there a particular lesson that's more appropriate for younger students? Would you do a different one for small groups?

Here are some suggestions you could consider.

1. Meet the Counselor Game Show

If you're looking for a fun way to introduce yourself and the role of the school counselor, why not use this Jeopardy-style game show. This digital game show is a fun, interactive way for students to learn about the role of the school counselor. It is completely editable so you can change the questions to fit your school's population and needs. You could even try playing with staff!

Why students love it: It has a pop culture appeal, it encourages healthy competition between teams/group should you divide the class, and it is highly interactive.

Best suitable for: Class lessons in Grades 2-5

2. Meet the Counselor Escape Room Lesson

A trusty game for my upper elementary students has always been anything that involves missions and escape rooms. Sure, they do take a little more time and effort to plan and organize but once you have created them, you could use them multiple times and can tweak them according to the needs of your students.

Why students love it: Escape rooms and missions are trending and kids love a challenge. This lesson also helps them work as a team. There is a sense of accomplishment when students complete each level/mission, and it is completely hands-on.

Best suitable for: Grades 2-6, in class lessons or in small groups where students can team up with others.

3. Meet the Counselor Boom Cards

Prefer a digital resource that is interactive too? This interactive game will inform students of the role of the school counselor and empower them to seek out the school counselor when needed. The game can either be sent directly to students with a link, played on a smart board with the whole class, or assigned in Google Classroom.

Why students love it: The format is easy to use and students are sure to love the immediate feedback they get to the responses the choose.

Best suitable for: Grades 2-5, in all three tiers of school counseling.

I hope this post has left you feeling prepared to teach your classroom meet the counselor lessons. Check out all of my meet the counselor lessons here!

Which one would you use? Let me know in the comments.


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