If I had to ask you to rate how stressed you are at/because of school, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, would I be wrong to assume that you are most likely to settle on a number closer to 10? Do you end up taking work home or not being able to actually take a proper lunch break? Are you constantly being assigned for duties that have nothing to do with your qualifications and experience? Do you feel data collection is too tedious and scheduling sessions in a way that best suits you is next to impossible? Perhaps it's time to join my Stress Free School Counseling (SFSC) course.

I am constantly getting questions about SFSC so I wanted to answer the most common ones so you can see how it can benefit you! But most importantly, this post is here to help you see how other counselors across the globe have benefitted from completing Stress Free School Counseling.

What is it?

Stress Free School Counseling is a course covering my proven five-step framework that I have developed that helps counselors learn the scheduling, organization, and data collection strategies they need to increase their impact and get the recognition they deserve! It is entirely online and can be completed easily on your own time.

What does it include?

The course includes lifetime access to the 5 core modules, step-by-step explainer videos to guide you every step of the way, plug-and-play templates and PDF guides, step-by-step video walkthroughs through the tech library, companion resources, and an exclusive members community to learn and grow with.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for veteran counselors, new counselors, counselors who are overwhelmed, and basically any counselor who needs help with organizing, scheduling, data collection, advocacy, and/or handling pushback.

How will it benefit/help me?

1. It teaches you the most efficient ways to collect and synthesize data

How: This course helps you distinguish between quantifying services provided vs. student progress (and why it's important), measure the impact your services are having, and track student progress using digital tools.

SFSC Alumni Testimonial: "Rachel really helped me simplify my data collection process. Her easy-to-follow framework made collecting and analyzing student progress so much easier." - Carla, Elementary School Counselor

2. It helps you advocate for your position

How: Through SFSC, you will be taught how to clarify your role to stakeholders, use a streamlined schedule to help advocate for your position, creatively use new organization methods to advocate for your role, track and present data to advocate for your role so that you get the recognition you deserve

SFSC Alumni Testimonial: "I can now quantify student progress! Before, I was meeting with students, and I wasn't measuring the impact it was making. Now I can use this data to advocate for my position."- Rebekah

3. It takes out the stress and empowers you to be more effective at your job

How: The 'Organization' module is a framework you can use over and over again to minimize stress, be more efficient, and maximize your impact as you get to learn best practices for organizing your caseload and utilize time-saving organization hacks that will help save your time and energy.

SFSC Alumni Testimonial: "I am so much better at utilizing my time, prioritizing my tasks, and deciding where I need to be and when."- Neeti, Primary School Counselor

4. It enables you to manage your time and balance your responsibilities successfully

How: Module 1 is focused on 'Scheduling'. On completion of this module, you will know how to clear space in your schedule to maximize your impact aka serving more students. This would include helping you establish a crisis response team protocol, creating your ideal daily schedule, and most importantly receiving all of the resources and templates you need to create the schedule of your dreams.

SFSC Alumni Testimonial: 'I have been a counselor for over 16 years ... and I can say my systems have changed, my scheduling has changed, it was all very doable, and that has really encouraged me."- Tracy

Could SFSC be considered as PD?

Absolutely! You will receive a 5-hour PD certificate when you complete the course.

Where do I register for SFSC?

On the official Stress Free School Counseling Website that has all the additional details you might need!
Ready to hop on the SFSC bandwagon? Still have questions you need answered? Let me know in the comments. I look forward to seeing you at Stress Free School Counseling!


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