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In Today's episode I am welcoming back Joyce Harduvel, (who will also be at this year's IMPACT Summer Summit), to give her insight on supporting students in Crisis.

Joyce is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified school social work specialist. After seven years in the field of school social work working with students from preschool to high school, she is pivoting to provide school-based clinicians with the resources, community, and training that they need to support their students. Recognizing that most of what she used on a daily basis as a school social worker she had to learn through experience and create herself, Joyce is committed to sharing her expertise to make the lives of school-based clinicians easier so that they can focus on the important part: the students!

Listen In for some of these highlights!: 

  • The importance of acknowledging how schools can contribute to student trauma through both major incidents and more subtle interactions.

  • Recommendations for establishing crisis response protocols and teams to avoid one counselor being overwhelmed.

  • Examples of concrete tools like flowcharts counselors can use to map out contingency plans for different crisis situations.

  • A Preview of Joyce's IMPACT Summer Summit session covering her "secret sauce" for comprehensive crisis response strategies.

  • Joyce's venture back into school and her plans to focus on special education law to better advocate for students' rights.

It's truly a do not miss! Listen in now!

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