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Most students experience anxiety at some point in their lives. As school counselors, it’s important that we understand the different ways anxiety can show up in students and how to best support them. Typically, I give you counseling strategies and tools that you can use generally across topics, but I thought it would be helpful to go deeper on a specific topic and give you some quick takeaways that you can easily implement in your counseling program. So all month, I'll be talking to you about anxiety and how we can help support students who are struggling in this area. 

Today’s episode is an overview of what anxiety is and how to determine which students really need support with anxiety. Sometimes students are unaware that what they’re experiencing is anxiety or they just don’t have the ability to label it. So it’s really important that we provide screenings that help us identify who those students are. Of course, it’s not our job to diagnose, but it is important for us to be aware of the signs of anxiety so we can get them the support they need. 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Definitions of anxiety and the difference between everyday anxiety most people experience and the more intense anxiety disorders 

  • Tips for choosing the right words when it comes to talking to parents about seeking outside professional help

  • How to determine which students are in need of support for anxiety and some of the reasons students don’t do self-referrals

  • Signs that indicate a student may be experiencing anxiety

  • A simple strategy you can use to help students work through anxious thoughts and dig a little deeper

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