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All students are bound to have conflicts at some point or another. It is so important that our kiddos know how to resolve conflicts in a respectful manner because it’s a skill they will use while in school and carry through life. Today, I am sharing how we can teach conflict resolution skills across all three tiers so our students are prepared when conflict arises.

Handling conflict can be challenging for children and even adults. Teaching effective conflict resolution skills to all of our students is an excellent way to ensure they know how to respectfully handle conflict whenever it comes about. In this episode, I am sharing ideas for how to teach conflict resolution skills for all three tiers, ideas for how to teach these lessons, and resources I suggest for each tier. 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why we should be teaching conflict resolution strategies to all students

  • How teaching “I” statements is a simple and very effective way to teach conflict resolution

  • Fun ways to engage your tier 2 students in conflict resolution lessons

  • How to use a board game with your tier 1 students to have them think through different conflict situations

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