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Happy December! The countdown to winter break is on. I absolutely love this time of year. Everything is so fun and festive, especially at the elementary level. I’m always trying to think of ways that I can put a seasonal twist on counseling activities to keep your students (and you) engaged.

At the same time, I always had the problem of “frequent flyers” popping up. You know the ones. The kids who are always stopping by wanting to chat instead of going to their classroom. I used to think I just needed to rush them back to their classroom as quickly as possible. However, I realized over time they were stopping by to see me for a reason. They wanted to build a relationship with me and I didn’t want to dismiss that.

While I wanted them to feel welcome in my office and comfortable with me, I also wanted to make our time together purposeful...especially if they were missing class. Over time, I thought of some fun ways that I could accomplish this. Since it’s the winter season, I created my “Countdown to Winter Break Interactive Calendar”. 

In this episode, I’ll explain exactly how this calendar works and even how you can DIY one. If you create a countdown calendar of your own, snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @brightfuturescounseling so that I can see the final product!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • How to make the weeks leading up to winter break productive and engaging

  • Embracing the students who constantly stop by your office

  • How my “countdown to winter break” calendar works

  • Winter-themed social emotional activity examples

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