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October is Bullying Prevention month which has been my thing since my first year as a counselor. This month, we are covering bullying prevention adjacent topics. So what does that mean? It means I’m going to be sharing topics for you to cover with students and by covering these topics, you’ll be promoting bullying prevention.

In today’s episode, we are looking at how to create a culture of kindness and how we prevent bullying by doing this. We are covering the benefits of morning meetings, how restorative practices help foster a culture of kindness, a fun school-wide activity you can do to spread kindness, and ideas and insights on how to implement these practices for counselors and teachers.

October marks the TWO YEAR anniversary of the School Counseling Simplified Podcast. I am so grateful for all the listeners who have inspired and supported the podcast these past two years. As a thank you, we are doing a GIVEAWAY! Check out the details on Instagram and get entered to win!

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why creating a culture of kindness helps with bullying prevention

  • What morning meetings are and how to help teachers implement them in the classroom

  • The two types of Restorative Practice circles than can be used in the classroom setting and how they help build a culture of respect and kindness

  • A fun school-wide kindness activity you can do this month!

  • The School Counseling Simplified 2 year anniversary GIVEAWAY (Check on Instagram for more info)

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