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Every school counselor’s role is unique based on their school, on their district, and so many other factors. Sometimes, a school doesn’t have a counselor and another staff member steps up to support students who need the support of a school counselor. Dr. Natasha Tumbarello is joining us today and sharing how she wears many hats, including the school counselor hat, in her role as a school psychologist at a small elementary school.

School counselors and school psychologists can really compliment each other when supporting students. However, when a school has only one person to fill several different roles, it comes with unique challenges. Today, Natasha is sharing about her background in education, insight into how she survived her busy season of life, what the student support roles looked like in schools she has been in, what she loves and finds challenging about her role, and what her typical day looks like as a school psychologist wearing many hats. Natasha’s energy and passion is sure to leave you feeling inspired!

Natasha Tumbarello, Ph.D. is a School Psychologist at an elementary school in New York. She is also an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer at a private university in New York. Dr. Tumbarello provides assessment, counseling, and interventions to students and families, and professional development and support to the staff in her school.  Her favorite part of being a School Psychologist is her daily interactions with students, especially when they share their successes and growth. 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • IMPACT is turning TWO! To celebrate, we are hosting the Ultimate Small Group Experience

  • Natasha’s background and how she became a school psychologist

  • What helped Natasha get through the busy season of life

  • How student support roles varied in the schools she has worked in

  • What Natasha loves about her current role as a school psychologist wearing several hats

  • How she insures students don’t slip through the cracks

  • Tips for maintaining balance

  • What Natasha finds challenging in her role

  • What a typical day looks like and why she arrives early so she can start her day with quiet time

  • Why Natasha LOVES being an IMPACT member

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