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You know I am super passionate about data and I LOVE a good end of the year report! There is so much data that you can put on your end of the year report to show your stakeholders just how big of an impact you are making. You know the importance of including how many students you served, time spent with students, and how many lessons you taught to the  report, but today, I am sharing 5 things to add to your end of the year report to really showcase your impact.

As a school counselor, you are involved in so many things with so many different people! Because of this, you have some amazing data that you can include in your end of the year report. In this episode, I am sharing why you should include data from the meetings and trainings you’ve attended, parent and teacher feedback, attendance data, and referral data to your end of the year report to showcase just how much time and effort you are putting in to make a huge impact on your students!

If you are creating an end of the year report, I would love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @brightfuturescounseling and show off your report (with confidential information removed, of course!). I’d love to see the work you’re doing and reshare it so others can see as well!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Two reasons to include the hours spent in meetings on an end of the year report

  • Why you should brag on yourself about the trainings and conferences you’ve attended 

  • The importance of including parent and teacher feedback on your report

  • Why you should be keeping attendance data if you are working with students on improving attendance

  • How to showcase referral data on your end of the year report

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