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Happy April! Over the past couple months I’ve shared information on classroom lessons (tier 1) and small groups (tier 2). This month we are starting a new series all about individual counseling. Individual counseling sessions are created for tier 3 students. These are the students who need additional intervention and would benefit from a one-on-one setting. They are usually students who are also receiving class lessons and small group instruction. 

Individual sessions have always been a bit intimidating to me. Even after Grad School I didn’t feel completely prepared for them. After many years of experience, I now have several tools in my toolkit that I can confidently offer to you. Today we’re diving into how you can implement individual counseling sessions in a way that will best serve your kids. These tips can be used in both in-person and virtual settings.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • How to get started with individual counseling: who you are going to see, when you’re going to see them, and how to get organized

  • 3 ways to know which students need these sessions

  • What an individual check in is and how it differs from a counseling session

  • Why you need to implement referral forms 

  • Evaluating whether or not a student needs to continue individual sessions

  • My #1 organization and scheduling tips and how to track progress and attendance 

  • Casual campus check-ins

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