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February brings so many fun things for school counselors including National School Counseling Week and Valentine’s Day! One thing I love to cover in the month of February is healthy relationships and friendships and this ties in great with Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for some fun ways to combine the Valentine’s theme with healthy relationships, you’re in luck! I have so many fun ideas for you today!

We may think that teaching healthy friendships and relationships isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Many of our students may be more familiar with UNhealthy relationships than with healthy ones. We want to make sure that students know what healthy friendships and relationships look like and that they themselves are acting in a healthy manner.

In this episode, I am sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s themed activities that you can use with your students. I am sharing why you should be teaching students about healthy relationships and friendships, examples of activities to do with your students to teach about healthy relationships, and ideas for how to easily implement these activities without added stress.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why it is so important that we teach our students about healthy friendships and relationships

  • Examples of fun, doable, and non-intimidating activities to do with your students

  • Tips for how to do the activities with your students without a ton of prep

  • Why you should be following each activity up with a discussion

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