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As we get closer to winter break, we know our schedules are going to get crazy with all the assemblies, concerts, and special events. As fun as this is for our students, it can make our typical schedule feel a bit more stressful and keeping students engaged can be a challenge. So today, I am sharing eight seasonal activities you can do with your students that will keep them engaged and give you a break from planning!

This time of year is super busy for everyone! The last thing we want to do with our limited time is come up with, plan, and prep seasonal activities for our students. The good news - I am sharing eight fun and easy activities for you to do with your students this holiday season! In this episode, I’m sharing how to use self-esteem ornaments, countdowns, trail mix, elf games, scavenger hunts, and presentations to keep your students engaged with little prep on your end! 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Join the Stress Free School Counseling Course today!

  • How to use self-esteem ornaments in your counseling lessons

  • Creative ways to use a countdown calendar to mix up the activities for the day

  • How to use trail mix as a reflective or review lesson

  • Using fun elf games to practice conflict resolution and self-control

  • Why we should use presentations to help all students feel proud and build cultural sensitivity

  • Fun ways to practice coping strategies with Boom Cards and a scavenger hunt

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