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You know I love having other school counselors join me to share their experiences and insight with you! And I thought it would be fun to share my experiences as a school counselor so you can hear a little more about my background and how I got started. Today, I am giving you a glimpse into my path to becoming a school counselor and what my role looked like in my schools. 

No two school counselors have the exact same background, experience, or journey school counseling. From not finding a job after graduation to being the school counselor at an international school in Costa Rica and starting Bright Futures Counseling, I have had a unique and amazing journey to where I am now! In this episode, I am sharing my background and roles I had before becoming a school counselor, what I love about being a school counselor, what my days looked like at my previous school, and my best advice for new school counselors.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • My journey to becoming a school counselor

  • What my favorite things are about being a school counselor

  • Why the lack of awareness about our role is frustrating

  • A look at my real life schedule when I was at the international school in Costa Rica

  • Why new counselors need to make themselves visible and be willing to try new things

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School Counseling Simplified is a podcast offering easy to implement strategies for busy school counselors. The host, Rachel Davis from Bright Futures Counseling, shares tips and tricks she has learned from her years of experience as a school counselor both in the US and at an international school in Costa Rica.

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