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Are you using paper organizers to keep track of your caseload? Or maybe you just don’t have an effective system for keeping track of all your tier II and tier III students? We’re continuing our series about areas to focus on to make a big impact in your counseling program. Today, we are covering organization and looking at one of my favorite organizational tools for keeping track of all the students on my caseload.

We, as counselors, have so much on our plates and so many students to keep track of. It’s so important that we have a way to keep track of the students we are working with so that nothing and no one falls through the cracks. In this episode, I am sharing all about the spreadsheet I use to maximize my productivity. I am sharing what my spreadsheet covers, tips for effectively using a caseload spreadsheet, and how using a caseload spreadsheet helps you impact more students.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Information about the Stress Free School Counseling Course

  • Why you should use a caseload spreadsheet to keep track of the students you work with

  • What my caseload spreadsheet looks like, column by column

  • Tips for effectively using your caseload spreadsheet

  • How this spreadsheet helps you impact more students and advocate for your position

  • Q & A about using a caseload spreadsheet

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