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“Your resume really only gets about a 30-second review…If it’s visually appealing, they’ll actually spend a little bit more time looking through it and seeing exactly what you have on there.” - Carol Miller

In the past two episodes, we’ve been talking about interviewing for school counseling jobs. But before you can land the interview, you need to make a good impression with your resume. 

If you’re looking for a counseling job, whether you’re experienced or fresh out of graduate school, you won’t want to miss this series. Check out episode 85, where I shared things I learned when I interviewed to be a school counselor. 

Episode 86 was really fun and insightful because Lauren Tingle of Counselor Clique and I discussed mock interview questions for school counselors that will help you prepare so you can approach any interview with confidence.

Today, I interview the go-to resume person, Carol Miller. This episode is full of advice and wisdom from someone who knows exactly what school districts look for when they are going through resumes. According to Carol, only 1-2% of resumes she has seen are what would be considered “quality” resumes. Most of the resumes she sees are “really, really awful.” 

Tune in to find out exactly what you can do to make sure your resume stands out in a good way so you are chosen for interviews, getting you one step closer to landing your dream job. From resume must-haves and no-no’s to the type of paper you should use, Carol covers it all. She even goes over her best interview tips that will have you feeling confident and prepared.

Carol is currently an elementary school counselor, and she is the face behind Counseling Essentials. She has been a counselor for almost three decades and has worked as an elementary, middle, and high school counselor. She has also spent time helping other districts go through and review resumes, and she has helped people put together resumes. 

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Resume must-haves and how to structure your resume so you stand out in a good way

  • Tips for using keywords strategically and how to decide which keywords to use

  • What to include (and not include) in your resume and how to stay organized during your job search

  • How to highlight your skills even when you have no education or counseling experience

  • General interview tips that will help you feel prepared and increase your confidence so you can nail the interview

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