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Are you needing some motivation and inspiration from another school counselor? We are continuing our birthday celebration with another counselor interview and our guest today is sure to leave you inspired to make big impacts at your school! Carey Hughes is sharing all about her role as an elementary school counselor and giving some helpful tips along the way.

Carey has always wanted to work with elementary students and when she and her husband packed up and moved to a new city during the pandemic, she was able to land an elementary school counseling job that she LOVES and today, she is giving us a glimpse into her role. Carey is sharing her background as a middle school and highschool spanish teacher, why the variety of tasks as a school counselor is both a good and bad thing, how challenging it is to see some of the struggles her students’ families face, tips for data collection, and advice she would give to new school counselors. 

Carey taught Spanish at the secondary level for years, but was looking for a deeper connection with students.  That is when she decided to go back to school to become a school counselor.  Carey worked as a middle school counselor for 7 years before a crazy pandemic move landed her in the elementary world.  This is Carey's 3rd year as a k-4 school counselor and she believes she has found her niche! 

Carey enjoys "living it up" at school where she brings music to the car rider line and brings Wanda Wig and other fun costumes to school.  Carey also likes to be involved in professional development opportunities.  She currently serves on the board of directors for the Missouri School Counselor Association.  Carey loves listening to podcasts on her way to and from school and that is how she found "School Counseling Simplified."

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • IMPACT is turning TWO! Joining TODAY to get in on the Ultimate Small Group Experience

  • Carey’s experience as a middle school and high school spanish teacher and how she transitioned to an elementary school counselor

  • Why she loves the variety of being a school counselor even though it can get overwhelming some days

  • How seeing some families’ struggles is one of the hardest parts of being a school counselor

  • What her daily schedule looks like

  • A data collection tip she learned and uses so she doesn’t have to bring it home with her

  • Why she loves the self regulation journal and pre/post tests from the IMPACT membership

  • Carey’s advice to new school counselors

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