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No school counselor role looks exactly the same and I absolutely love hearing from different school counselors about how they organize their days and the impact that they are making! Plus, We all know that there are parts we love about being a school counselor and parts we find challenging and it is so reassuring to hear that we are not alone. As we continue our “Day in the Life” series , Lorilee is sharing all about what she loves and what challenges her in her role as a school counselor.

I am so excited to have Lorilee join us today as she is a longtime and very active IMPACT member! She is giving us a glimpse into how she manages her role while being in each classroom twice a month as the school counselor for 600 students. Lorilee is sharing about her background and how she got into school counseling, how she enjoys not being in a disciplinarian role, knowing when to refer out, what her daily schedule looks like, and how she uses the IMPACT membership to help in her role. 

Lorilee enjoys being with and working with others. The positive relationships she has with family, friends, coworkers and students is what keeps her motivated as a school counselor. She serves in an elementary charter school working with students grades K-6. This is Lorilee’s 7th year at Syracuse Arts Academy and her 12th year as a school counselor. She is a mom and grandma as well as a proud dog mom. Her favorite hobby is playing the ukulele and she has 25+ Ukes of all kinds! Music is very important in her life as entertainment and a calming strategy. Lorilee is so happy that the Impact group came about as it has provided some missing support she needed!

It’s IMPACT’s second birthday! To celebrate, I’m hosting a virtual PD training, the Ultimate Small Group Experience which includes giveaways, breakout groups, live Q & A sessions, and a guest speaker! This training is exclusive to IMPACT members so if you’ve been thinking about joining, now is the perfect time! I look forward to seeing you at the Ultimate Small Group Experience on March 29, 2023!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • IMPACT is turning TWO! To celebrate, we are hosting the Ultimate Small Group Experience

  • Lorilee’s background in social work and how she became a school counselor

  • Why she loves not having a disciplinarian role 

  • How others misunderstanding the role of school counselor causes frustration

  • What her daily schedule is and how every day is different even with a schedule

  • How being an IMPACT member has helped Lorilee in her role

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