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I absolutely love hearing from other school counselors and getting an inside look at what their role looks like. Every counselor’s position is unique based on so many different factors - their background, their caseload size, if there are other counselors on their team, etc. That’s why I am so excited to chat with our guest today! Sheyenne Hernandez has a social work background, has a caseload of about 400 students, and has some great ideas for how to build relationships with her students! 

Sheyenne is an all American small town farm princess. She is a momma, wife, auntie, social worker and school counselor. She has dreamt of becoming an "art therapist" who worked with kids since she was ten. Fast forward to today, at 36, she has completed her masters in Social Work in 2022 and landed her current dream job of working in the same elementary as her kiddos.

She loves the students at her school! The elementary kids are her favorite! She has enjoyed learning how to be a good school counselor and has been so grateful for all of the help from IMPACT. She dreams to continue her counseling career in play therapy/ecotherapy and working with youth and families in need.

In this episode, Sheyenne is sharing how she builds rapport with her students, tips for connecting parents with community resources, why each day for her looks different, and what advice she would give to new school counselors.

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • What Sheyenne enjoys and finds frustrating about her role

  • Different ways she builds relationships with students outside of counseling lessons

  • How she connects families with community resources

  • Why every day looks different for her and how she uses a scheduling tool to fit the schedule needs of her teachers

  • Sheyenne’s advice for new school counselors

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