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I think most of us want to get better at being culturally competent and ensuring that our students feel included, welcome, and safe in our classroom and schools. But it can definitely be a struggle if we aren’t sure how to make this happen. The truth is that we don’t know what we don’t know and when we do know, we do better. I am so excited to have inclusion expert Jocelynn Hubbard joining me today to share how we can get started creating a more inclusive school for our students.   

Jocelynn Hubbard helps teachers spark joy during the learning experience by creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom environment for ALL their students. She is the founder and managing director of Custom Teaching Solutions, LLC and host of The Culture-Centered Classroom podcast. She has 16+ years of experience in education as an educator, speaker, professional development creator and facilitator. Driven by a passion to see the diverse people of our world feel welcomed, affirmed, and celebrated, she provides training on becoming and remaining culturally competent. As a wife and mother of five, her goals include squeezing in time for exercise, finding moments of joy each day, and parenting each of her children as unique individuals.

Jocelynn received a B.S. in Education from Miami University (OH) and an MA in Education from The University of North Carolina – Pembroke. She also has a graduate certificate in Gifted & Talented instruction from The University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

You are going to learn so many amazing and practical tips from Jocelynn to help make your space and school more welcoming and inclusive for all students! In today’s episode, Jocelynn is sharing what cultural competency actually is, strategies for ensuring your content and lessons are culturally inclusive, what small things counselors can do to make a bigger impact at their school, and the importance of connecting with the community and caregivers.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Strategies for making sure the content within our lessons are culturally relevant

  • What culturally competency is

  • How to ensure our delivery of lessons are culturally inclusive

  • What small things school counselors can do to make an impact at the school level

  • Why connecting with the caregiver community is so important

  • The importance of getting to know the beliefs, traditions, and customs of other cultures

  • How school counselors can make their offices more inclusive

  • What you can do today to get started

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