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We are wrapping up our series on pre-bullying prevention ideas with a topic that is a little closer to traditional bullying prevention topics. This episode is all about self-advocacy and the importance of students knowing how to stand up for themselves in school and beyond. 

Self-advocacy is an important skill that often isn’t taught as much as it should be. These skills are used in every stage of life and effectively teaching them to our students will help them throughout their lives. Today we are talking about using scripts to teach self-advocacy skills, why self-esteem affirmations help build these skills, and the importance of teaching students to advocate for others. Unfortunately things are going to happen at school and in life where students will need these skills and it’s important we equip them to handle these situations.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • How to use scripts across all three tiers to help them develop self-advocacy skills

  • Why using self-esteem building affirmations help students with self-advocacy

  • The importance of teaching students to stand up and advocate for others

  • It’s not too late to join the FREE Not So Scary Small Groups video series

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