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At this point in the school year, you are likely seeing lots of referrals coming in for social skills. But, teaching social skills can be beneficial for all students, not just the ones being referred to you. I actually LOVE teaching social skills preventatively as a class lesson and then as needed in small group and individual lessons.   

Now, you may be a little nervous about coming up with ideas for teaching social skills. That’s okay! I have a whole training for you focused completely on teaching social skills across all 3 tiers so you can teach the skills your students need without the stress of doing it on your own! In this episode, I am sharing a glimpse inside one of the videos from the training where I am covering how to use board games and sorting games to teach social skills in your individual sessions in a fun and meaningful way!

The FREE Not So Scary Social Skills training is only available this October! Be sure to watch all four videos to learn how you can teach social skills at each tier, including how to collect data and measure your program’s progress. After watching all four videos, you’ll receive a special social skills freebie and earn a PD certificate!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Information about my FREE Not So Scary Social Skills training

  • 4 different types of activities for teaching individual social skills

  • How you can use board games in individual sessions to teach personal space

  • Ideas for how you use a sorting game to teach the importance of using a social filter

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