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Teachers are experiencing burnout at an alarming rate but we as school counselors may be able to help. We know that our students are best served when school counselors, teachers, and parents are collaborating together and that is one of the reasons supporting our teachers is so crucial for student success. In this episode, I am sharing some ways that we as school counselors can support our teachers.

One way that we can support teachers is by providing additional class lessons. This time of year can be especially tough for stress and student behaviors so adding in as-needed class lessons can be so helpful for teachers (and students!). In this episode, I am sharing ideas for how to determine who needs additional class lessons and what topics should be covered. Plus, I am sharing something that my school counselor did when I was in school that was so fun and exciting for students and staff during state testing! 

If you would like to easily implement as-needed lessons, join the IMPACT membership! You’ll have access to hundreds of counseling resources including class lessons so you can find and use what you need for each class without stressing about planning more lessons! Inside the membership, you’ll also receive quarterly professional development and an amazing and supportive community to help you along the way!

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why it is so important that we as school counselors support our teachers

  • How giving supplemental class lessons can be so helpful to teachers and students, especially this time of year

  • How looking at previous years’ data can help you determine what grades could benefit from preventative lessons on specific topics

  • Why implementing a needs assessment as a way to check in with teachers about their students’ current needs can be helpful in determining what topic to focus on

  • How having a school pep rally can be a fun way to cover test prep lessons with many students at once while getting everyone excited for testing

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