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When it comes to supporting our kiddos with special needs, there are some things to consider that you may not have thought about. We know these students may need extra support and working collaboratively with the special education teachers can help us understand how to provide this support and ways we can help our students get the most out of our lessons. I am so excited to have Michelle Vazquez joining me to share some insight into how we can work with our special education teachers to best serve our students.  

Michelle is a resource specialist & special education teacher that has been working in public schools for almost 14 years in Southern California. She is the host of a top 1.5% ranked podcast called ‘Stepping Into Special Education’. Michelle’s mission is to help special education teachers with strategies & support. In her free time she loves going to Disneyland with her husband & two young boys.

Michelle is sharing some amazing knowledge, insight, and tips on ways we can support our special education students and teachers. In this episode, we are discussing how school counselors can support special education students in whole class, small group, and individual sessions, a simple tool that can help you prepare to best serve your students, and how she likes to communicate with school counselors.

Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • How school counselors can support our special education students through class lessons, small groups and individual counseling sessions

  • Why it is so beneficial for school counselors to make themselves familiar to students outside of class or lessons

  • What an IEP at a Glance is and how they can help you better prepare to serve your special education students

  • Why using a communication log with special education teachers is so helpful

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