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How can you easily gather data during class lessons? We know how important it is to collect data during our small group and individual sessions, but it is also important that we gather data from our class lessons as well. The good news is, collecting data from a whole class doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated! 

An easy way to collect data from your class lessons is by using a ticket out the door. Whether you are teaching young students or older students, a ticket out the door helps you gather data to determine if you need to modify your lesson or provide additional resources on the subject you covered. In this episode, I am sharing the pros and cons of using a ticket out the door, examples of this type of data collection, and how you can use the data you collect.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:

  • Why counselors should collect data from class lessons

  • The pros and cons of a ticket out the door

  • Ideas for how to use this kind of data collection

  • How you can use the data you collect from your classes

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