Looking for an entire counseling curriculum plan? This school counseling program road map details how and when to use school counseling resources for an entire year so you are never left without a great idea!

Why I created this: I created this curriculum map to show how I typically plan out my entire school year. It is divided by month and then into the three tiers of school counseling plus data collection tools.

How to use the map: The map is a guide to show you which resources I recommend using and when. You can click the individual links to find the resources you need and customize a plan for your program. Or if you want to save money and have everything you need for your entire school year planned and ready to go, download the complete counseling curriculum bundle here.

Includes plans for:

  • 13 Small Groups

  • 11 Guidance Lessons

  • 13 Year-Round Individual Counseling Activities

  • 11 Seasonal Activities

  • 5 Data Tracking Tools and Forms

Curriculum Map Covers:

  • When to use it

  • How to use it

  • Who to use it with


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