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In this episode, I'm covering all things counselor interviews. Remember when you were interviewing for counseling positions or maybe you're interviewing right now?

 I know that it was an emotional roller coaster preparing, interviewing and dealing with rejection. It took me quite a few interviews before landing my dream job. That's why I love to talk about this! AND I decided to tag in some help! Thank you to everyone who submitted their advice!

Listen in to hear us eloborate on these pieces of advice:

  • Research the school - Look up demographics, mission, goals and relate how you can contribute.

  • Don't sell yourself short - Be confident in your skills and experiences.

  • Embrace your individuality - Admin want to see your genuine personality and fit with school culture.

  • Prioritize students - Give examples of how you make students a top priority.

  • Thank you notes - Writing thank you notes that stand out and are appreciated by interviewers.

Seriously, this is a DO NOT MISS! 

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School Counseling Simplified is a podcast offering easy to implement strategies for busy school counselors. The host, Rachel Davis from Bright Futures Counseling, shares tips and tricks she has learned from her years of experience as a school counselor both in the US and at an international school in Costa Rica.

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