Suicide Prevention Lesson Middle School Counseling


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Suicide prevention is a tough topic to teach but unfortunately, it's a reality. This middle school counseling suicide prevention lesson is thoughtfully designed to teach students how to be resilient and to identify risk factors and warning signs of poor mental health. Through self-reflection, they’ll determine if their coping skills are healthy or unhealthy.


This suicide prevention classroom counseling lesson addresses this topic with sensitivity and support citing resources for struggling students. It also includes a universal screener to determine at-risk students.

For the counselor, it is low-prep and easy to implement!


This Class Lesson Includes:

  • Counselor's Guide with ASCA and CASEL aligned objectives
  • Detailed Outlines with scripts and supplemental resources
  • "Suicide Facts" Sides of the Room Icebreaker
  • Class Discussion Activity on Warning Signs
  • 20 Card Scoot Game
  • Self-reflection worksheet
  • Data Collection Tools: Pre and Post Lesson Self-Assessments, and Univeral Screener


Benefiting Students
Learning to be resilient and how to spot the warning signs of poor mental health and/or suicide will help prevention efforts.

Saving Time
This lesson is designed to be very low-prep and ready to use as is without any editing.

Who is This Lesson Designed For?
This Middle School Suicide Prevention Classroom Counseling Lesson is designed for students in grades 6-8.

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